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LawStore offers a broad range of legal services including, Wills and Probate, Divorce and Prenuptial Agreements, Employment Law for Employers and Employees, Business Law and Landlord and Tenant property law.

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You can access our legal advice in any of the following ways:
You can also now create your own legal documentation online, using our
‘document builder’ offering you a cost effective, fixed-fee legal service but still
maintaining a personalised service from a Solicitor.

Further information about our online services
Employment Law is a complex area of law that is continually being changed and updated. The LawStore has expert employment law solicitors who will provide you with the vital and up to date employment law advice you require from a specialist employment law solicitor...more about Employment Law view available documents
This part of the site can help you with all aspects of Family Law, from changing yours or your child’s name to cohabitation and prenuptial agreements to divorce advice and civil partnership dissolution. All documents are available for download to complete yourself or with assistance from a Solicitor or totally solicitor serviced...more about Family Law view available documents
Conveyancing is the legal process required to transfer ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. This includes various searches and checks required along with any final tasks following the sale. For a Buyer there are five main stages of conveyancing...more about Conveyancing view available documents
The Term ‘Litigation’ and Civil Law covers a wide range of acts and legal disputes that can occur between two or more parties and usually involves the Court process. Civil Law differs from Criminal Law in that it is used to resolve non-criminal disputes, for example property disagreements, faulty products, neighbourly disputes and breaches of contract...more about General Litigation view available documents
Residential or Property Law can cover issues concerning commercial and residential tenancies, such as the terms of a tenancy agreement, disrepair and possession proceedings. This part of the site will provide information and documents to help you manage commercial and residential property...more about Landlord and Tenant view available documents
In today's economy, businesses need to make sure that their legal advice is both practical and commercial. LawStore provides its Clients with Commercial services in a clear and concise manner delivering a service that is fully tailored to each Client's specific needs...more about Business Law view available documents
This part of the site provides legal information and documents relating to Wills, Probate and Trusts, including Writing a Will and Changing a Will, Probate, Estate Planning, Declarations of Trust and Powers of Attorney. All of which will provide peace of mind that you have legally set in place all the necessary steps to administer...more about Wills and Probate view available documents
If you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault and you’d like direct, no nonsense advice from a specialist solicitor, LawStore specialises in Personal Injury claims and advice. We cover a whole range of personal injury claims and have an experienced team of professional Personal Injury Solicitors, who are sensitive to your circumstances and your needs...more about Personal Injury view available documents
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